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97. What is the Doctrine of the Church?
Jun 13th, 2010 by mormonmisc at 3:06 pm
97. What is the Doctrine of the Church?

Some say that there is a long list of the Official Mormon Doctrine.
Thoughts and ideas about this claim are discussed on this program.

Talk Show host: Van Hale, LDS

Mormon Miscellaneous Worldwide Talk Show is now in its 32th year.
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    • Zack

      Well, one thing is for sure…The Leaders sure don’t know and if they do, they are keeping it a secret…The kind of secrets the Lord commands us not to engauge in. Either way…It doesn’t look good for the leaders who should be queing in the peons as opposed to keeping us in the dark.

      Do I believe that THEY believe they know the secrets of the Kingdom?…Yes I do. But I think the secrets they KNOW are not the secrets I want any part of.

      I think the Lord will have to send His own man to reveal True Doctrine and how to apply it by example.

      The Doctrines do exist, but they have been glossed over or changed in fundamental ways to prevent Zion from ever becoming a reality.

      But sooner or later, I think God will have something to say about all this. You think?

      Aug 10, 2010 at 10:15 pm
    • Zack

      I failed to mention that I believe the leaders believe they ARE living in Zion as far as Zion being described as a place of Great Abundance…Like what all this Corporate Church Wealth is providing our leaders who insist on keeping a tight lip on finacial disclosures that would expose them for the Babylonian Merchants that they are, at the expense of the common tithe payer and the Lord to whom those tithes belong.

      It’s called money laundering on the streets. You funnel money from point A to B in hopes of not getting caught.

      If every member knew what each leader of the church who participates in the various companies of the church as Ceo’s, board members ect. earned from serving in those positions, then I think the jig would be up.

      But as long as they are able to keep a lid on that disclosre…Then “ALL IS WELL IN ZION”. At least from THEIR perspective.

      But Brothers know this…Enron was a corporation that had it’s dirty little secrets that took full advantage of THEIR members as well…So don’t count on not getting caught!

      Aug 10, 2010 at 10:27 pm
    • Kenneth

      I am just beginning to understand the importance of cosmology and its implications to us in these last days of the 21st century. The reason, most people shy away from cosmology are because they do not understand it… they have only had experiences with the “now”… or more “peaceful” aspects of our relationship with the planets of our solar system. They have not experienced a cataclysmic event with asteroids, meteorites or other planets as the “past” has. In section 1 of our D&C verse 35 it states: “For I am no respecter of persons, and will that all men shall know that the day speedily cometh; the hour is not yet, but is nigh a hand, when peace shall be taken from the earth…” so right now, the “earth” in its cosmology, is experiencing “peace,” but that will soon end, as you well know, just from reading the book of Revelations 6: 12-17 as one witness to this reality of cosmology in violent action. And for this same reason, most people shy away from “spirituality” and interpreting the scriptures from a “spiritual” perspective. Why… because (most people) have created, what they think is a “spiritual foundation” upon non-spiritual beliefs, or “forms” and “structures.” Spirituality does not come into our soul from “forms and structures,” they are only manifestations of it. Let me be specific. It used to be that that “doctrine” of the LDS church was “Lectures on Faith” and it was called: “Lectures on Faith On the Doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” and from 1835 to 1921 the Lectures of Faith was our foundational doctrine… so for 86 years “Lectures on Faith” was our “doctrine” and what we have now as the “Doctrine & Covenants” was called for 86 years: “Part Second. Covenants and Commandments of the Lord, to his servants of the church of the Latter Day Saints.” So in reality the “doctrine” has been removed and we now have only the “Covenants and Commandment” of the church, however the Church still kept the name “Doctrine and Covenants” as the name of the book. So what is my point? As with cosmology (mortals today have only seen the earth in its “peaceful” state and therefor do not relate well to catastrophism and choose not to because the “form and structure” of cosmology relating to the earth is peaceful today). And so is it is with real spirituality in the Church (s) (since our spiritual doctrine has been removed from our scriptures as per “Lectures on Faith”, the members are naturally turning to and relating to the “forms and structures” as their spiritual foundation; and according to our LDS Bible Dictionary under the word “Holiness,” we are like ancient Israel, speaking collectively and not individually, and are in a state of “formalism” ourselves, which is a type of idolatry. (See Holiness, pg. 703-704 LDS Bible Dictionary… a must read!). This is not to say our current scriptures are void of the “doctrine” that the “Lectures on Faith” was pointing us to, in a concise and focused spiritual beam of godly attributes, divine character and man’s potential to assimilate into this spiritual likeness regardless of the religion we belong to (for God is no respecter of person in this matter)… and the truth of this reality is that “formalized religions” should never be anyone’s “spiritual foundation;” rather, they should all emphasize the importance of manifesting and developing a character of holiness as the “doctrine” and “foundation” for living. The psyche of fallen man is drawn to “structures and forms” to worship and therefore by creating obedience to such it establishes a “control” factor over the fallen masses. History is a witness of this fact. What happens is people (speaking collectively and not individually) reason that the “forms or structures” are absolute to our salvation or exaltation, and this creates “false judgments” and beliefs with groups of people and individuals who begin to believe that it is obedience to their religious “forms” and “structures” that “saves” or “exalts” them; whereas, it should be taught that this is a symbolic gesture, meant to awaken our spiritual nature to be holy. So “fallen man” has been taught and chosen to judge each another by their “forms and structures” of worship, which naturally separates themselves from the truth and therefore each other. The truth is that we are all co-equal and co-eternal beings, with respect to our ability to become one with each other by assimilating the character and attributes of godliness, just as God does. It is within the power of every individual to exercise his or her agency and manifest in their lives the “character,” and “attributes” of godliness and holiness just as God does… and it is within the power of each of us to develop these qualities until we are “one” with God in this belief and state of being. It was not religion that created the 1st God or 1st holy man; it was one’s ability to become one with his or her divine self (our greatest potential). Religion is here to awaken our divine potential, not to create judgment over the images of worship. Mankind must choose to transcend religion, transcend tradition, transcend form and structure, transcend formalism, transcend the judgments of idolatry so that he or she can fulfill his or her greatest potential without judgment relating to forms and structures, and become “one” with God in character, attribute and beliefs as the Gods are! The “truth” of evolving spiritually and becoming like God or as God is, is within the power of us all. This is what the “restoration of the gospel” is really all about… we must come back to our spiritual roots, our spiritual foundation of acting divine in thoughts, words and deeds by immersing ourselves into them as Christ did, becoming one in them with the Father… this is the only way we can become a peculiar and a holy people to God! Until then, we are “fallen beings” by choice, ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth that sets us free!

      Jul 13, 2012 at 10:29 pm