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Two Month Nauvoo Temple Operation
Aug 26th, 2007 by mormonmisc at 10:12 am

Two Month Nauvoo Temple Operation 

NauvooTemple-Harpers.jpgI cover some of the events, ordinances, sermons, and happenings in the Nauvoo Temple during its short term of operation from 11 December 1845 to 8 February 1846. A major source for my comments is the valuable book: The Nauvoo Endowment Companies, edited by Gary Bergera and Devery Anderson, compiled primarily from Nauvoo Temple records and diaries. I discuss:

Laying of the cornerstones of the Temple

Extensive detailed records

The ordinances - baptism for the dead, washings, anointings, washing and anointing for health, washing of feet, endowments, second anointing, marriage, sealings (living, dead, children), adoptions, ordinations (elder, seventy, high priest), prayer circles

Types of marriages/sealings performed in the temple - for time and eternity; for time; for eternity; monogamous for time-plural for eternity; plural for time-monogamous for eternity; plural for time and eternity; non-sexual for time

Wedding ceremonies, celebration and recreation in the temple

Dancing in the temple unto the Lord - Brigham Young's explanation and defense

Music in the temple

Secrecy directives

Prominent themes of the temple prayers

Actors in the Endowment drama

First Temple expose

Topics Raised by Callers and Email

A strong condemnation of my motives and my response.

Priesthood is outside of the Church.

Is the Book of Mormon fact or fiction?

Three Book of Mormon doctrines which are wrong.

The Church fell into apostasy in 1978 in giving the Blacks the priesthood, and a former 70 now is the Lord's Anointed.

The fact that Pres. Kimball received a revelation to extend the priesthood to the Blacks means there must have been a revelation to withhold the priesthood from the Blacks.  

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