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First Vision Accounts 2
May 31st, 2007 by mormonmisc at 12:36 pm

FirstVision2.jpgFirst Vision Accounts 2

I continued the subject from last week, specifically assessing the argument that Joseph Smith changed his story of the First Vision to fit his developing view of the Godhead.This argument claims that in 1832, the year of the first written account, Joseph Smith believed that there is only one person who is God, who manifests himself as the Father at times, and as the Son at other times. Jesus is thus, the Father and the Son, and so according to his 1832 theology, there is only one Divine person, not two. This argument insists that his theology evolved to a belief in two Divine beings.As a result, subsequent accounts of his First Vision fit this new view of God and nine of the other ten accounts, from 1832-1844 declare the appearance of two persons.I presented and discussed several relevant sources dating to 1830-1832 which have been overlooked by those who promote this view. These sources support the position that, prior to 1832, Joseph Smith believed that God has appeared on occasion, that He appears to introduce his Son and that Jesus has a Father who is a separate, distinct personage, concepts consistent with that found in his 1838 account, the one printed in the Pearl of Great Price.Several listeners joined in the discussion, while others took the discussion down another path.

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