Mormon Miscellaneous Worldwide Talk Show

Episodes of Mormon Miscellaneous, a talk show on Mormon history, scripture, doctrine and many controversial topics, by LDS host, Van Hale, now in its 38th year. All points of view are welcomed.
About Mormon Miscellaneous

Mormon Miscellaneous is a weekly call-in radio talk show every Sunday evening from 5:00-7:00 pm MST. It is hosted by Van Hale and airs locally in Salt Lake City on KTKK 630 AM radio and simultaneously on the internet at



Hosted by Van Hale, this call-in radio talk show, focuses on Mormon history and doctrine, covering a wide range of topics with participating guests and callers.

My Talk Show Blog is a supplement to current radio broadcasts for discussion of weekly programs with additional related information such as notes, comments, references, email, response from listeners, answers to questions etc.

Mormon Miscellaneous Talk Show has maintained an open format where all points of view have been welcomed and callers are granted anonimity. Participants, both guests and callers, represent many perspectives. They include Mormon, non-Mormon, ex-Mormon, anti-Mormon, fundamentalist Mormon and a few others with no particular interest in Mormonism.

The open format frequently demands discussion of controversial topics. I am comfortable in this arena and enjoy such discussion. My perspective is that of a believing, participating Mormon. My particular interests and fields of study include Mormon history and doctrine; early Christian history and doctrine; Bibles and Biblical studies.

To Participate listen to the Talk Shows Sundays from 5:00 to 7:00 pm MST and call in with a question or comment or send an email. Phone numbers and the email address are given during the program.

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