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Episodes of Mormon Miscellaneous, a talk show on Mormon history, scripture, doctrine and many controversial topics, by LDS host, Van Hale, now in its 38th year. All points of view are welcomed.
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TS001 Mormon Doctrine: Mandatory and Forbidden For various reasons many insist that there is much mandatory doctrine required of Mormons and much forbidden doctrine. Drawing from many sources and such enlightening examples as the Adam God theory and Polygamy, I demonstrate that, from its beginning, the LDS Church has had very little official doctrine and almost no mandatory or forbidden doctrine.

Price: 2:50  

TS002 Exploring the Mind of Joseph Smith on Diversity Among the Saints Joseph Smith endorsed and defended diversity of belief among the Latter-day Saints. This paper is an extensive discussion of his views. It was prepared for publication in the December 2006 issue of Sunstone. The article is an expansion of the oral paper presented at the 2006 Salt Lake City Sunstone Theological Symposium and includes 68 footnotes with more than 100 references.

Price: 4.00  

TS003 Was Jesus Married? I discuss the views of 19th century LDS leaders who argued from three main positions that Jesus was certainly married and quote from a number of their sermons and writings. While it seems widely believed among Mormons that Jesus was married, I include clear statements that it has not been considered official LDS doctrine. I present reasons for my personal doubts that Jesus was married.

Price: $2.50 

TS004 Joseph Smith Denials of Perfection, Infallibility & Omniscience One interested in Joseph Smith should be interested what he himself said about himself. I assemble 138 sources to discuss Joseph Smith's self characterization as a prophet, yet, typically human, imperfect, fallible and in search of further light and knowledge, all of which he viewed as consistent with his claim to be a prophet. I include many of his admissions of human weakness; his acknowledgement that he could fall; examples of his denials of infallibility and omniscience; his policy that all revelation needs to be tested, including his own, because not all revelation is from God; and a number of passages which demonstrate the broad parameters allowed Biblical prophets.

Price: $3.00  

TS005 New Testament Translations for LDS Consideration A list of reasons is given explaining why the modern translations have a great advantage over the King James Version. 45 renderings from 18 translations of 17 passages are cited which, from my LDS perspective, are much preferred over the KJV. One particular concept which is much clearer and found more often in modern translations is the remarkable, ultimate potential of the saints to become like God, a concept widely endorsed in Mormon thought. Also included is a genealogy of the English Bible and brief notes on the 18 New Testament translations cited.

Price: $2.50 

TS006 LDS Views of God as the Father of Spirits The question, How is God the Father of spirits? has an interesting history tracing back to Joseph Smith. In this I include all of the known sources of Joseph Smith's Nauvoo teachings (1841-1844) that our spirits have no beginning. I focus especially on his King Follett discourse providing a six column parallel of the four original reports taken, the first printed version (1844) and an 1855 amalgamation of the original reports which is the version found in the History of the Church. This parallel clarifies what he said in that discourse. I also include a transcript of the 1855 amalgamation with the additions and cross-outs. I present and discuss the passages in LDS scripture which speak of becoming begotten sons and daughters of God.   Also, I assemble sources which show that there was some LDS speculation of a premortal spirit birth and that this concept rapidly proliferated in Nauvoo following Joseph Smith's death. I briefly treat the three different LDS views which have been expressed, that some aspect of our being is eternal and uncreated. While I have been very interested in the development of Mormon thought and doctrine, I accept Joseph Smith's declarations that we should study, search and theorize as part of the maturing process, but this must not result in division; that the truth of speculative concepts, and even some basic beliefs, will not be clearly known and understood until long after we leave this life.

Price: $3.50   

TS007 King Follett Discourse: Textual History and Criticism On 7 April 1844 Joseph Smith spoke to the largest audience of Saints assembled during his lifetime. He brought together concepts he had touched upon for several years into a very important doctrinal address.

It was then, and has continued throughout Mormon history, to be a controversial declaration of his views about how God came to be God and His intent for the progression of men to become gods. Joseph Smith explained that there is much to know in regard to salvation and exaltation which will not be known until long after we leave this life, but that there is much to be known in this life by those Saints inclined to seek.

Several doctrinal points in the discourse have lead some, over the past 130 years, to question or dispute the accuracy of the the published report of this discourse. They are:

1. The plurality of Gods

2. The stature in the resurrection of those who die in infancy

3. The concept that all mankind existed as intelligences before becoming spirits.

I present the findings from my research of a number of unpublished sources in the LDS Archives to address these arguments. I discuss the four reports which were taken, by whom and how they were amalgamated resulting in the standard version published during the past 100 years. I include a six column parallel of these three sections of the discourse which have been the focus of these arguments. Four columns give the text from the four who wrote reports of the discourse, one column gives the first published version of 1844, authorized by the Quorum of the Twelve, and the other column gives the version prepared in 1855, examined and approved by Brigham Young for inclusion in the History of the Church - the one which has been published during the past 100 years.Price: $3.50

TS008 Mormon Miscellaneous Apologetic Resource Book This booklet is a collection of resources which addresses a number of questions and criticisms. The following is a synopsis of the contents:

Bible: The So Many Versions The reasons for so many divergent Bibles are discussed.   What is the Bible > New Testament Table > Old Testament Table Tables show that within mainstream Christianity, depending upon where and when, the Bible has included as many 96 books or as few as 51.      

Scholars on New Testament Textual Variants A collection of statements by New Testament scholars acknowledges the numerous variants among the many manuscripts which have survived.

Biblical Variants of Doctrinal Significance Some interesting examples are given of passages rendered differently in various Bibles which support divergent theological positions.

Purported Doctrinal Changes in the Book of Mormon Book of Mormon changes are addressed including the claim that the doctrine of God was changed in the second edition.Could a Prophet... Many expect a prophet to be perfect and infallible. Numerous Biblical references are provided pointing out the human weaknesses of prophets. Included are 22 references from the D&C and statements of Joseph Smith acknowledging his imperfections and weaknesses.     

Questions with More than One Biblical Answer A collection of references demonstrates that there are many questions with more than one Biblical answer.

Salt Lake City Anti-Mormon Campaign of 1889 > First Presidency Declaration > Alleged Oath of Vengeance > President Wilford Woodruff Associated Press Interview An anti-Mormon campaign in Salt Lake City in 1889 lead to two weeks of hearings regarding LDS belief and practice resulting in an Official Statement by the First Presidency and the Twelve and an Associated Press interview with President Wilford Woodruff. Topics addressed include such alleged practices as: an oath of vengeance in the Temple ceremony; blood atonement; killing of apostates; Church interference with political rights; hostility toward the U. S. Government; and the Church position on the separation of the Church and civil government. These issues continue to be raised.

Issuing of the Manifesto - Conference, 1890: Address of President George Q. Cannon and President Wilford Woodruff The explanation, by President Woodruff and President Cannon, of events which lead to the Manifesto discontinuing plural marriage given at October Conference 1890 are included.

Polygamy in the Bible Polygamy in the Bible is discussed giving references to 21 polygamists and Old Testament rules to govern polygamous marriages. Also, the divergent views toward the practice in the first century AD and various translations of 1 Timothy 3:2 are given.     

Permanent Old Testament Laws Rescinded From the law of Moses, 28 passages are cited giving laws and ritual declared to be permanent, which were rescinded at the council of Jerusalem in Acts 15.

Notes on LDS Canonization Interesting facts are given regarding the major events in the chronology of the canonization of LDS scripture.

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