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The Bible: Basic Reasoning
Jun 1st, 2008 by mormonmisc at 11:51 pm

The Bible: Basic Reasoning

I engage in some basic reasoning which logically follows from some simple facts about the Bible. I am surprised at the large number of Bible advocates who have not even considered the implication of many simple facts. Follow is a brief list of topics discussed.

King James Version

Comments on the development of the numerous ancient and modern canons called the Bible

Divergent views of Jews at the beginning of the Christian era

The question of the Dead Sea Scrolls

There was not a gap of several centuries, as many have assumed, in Jewish religious writings between what are called the OT and the NT

The New Testament views regarding the after life - heaven, hell, judgment etc. - have their roots, not in the Protestant OT or NT, but rather in Jewish writings available at the beginning of the Christian era some of which can be found in some ancient and modern canons, and some which are not found in any canon.

Footnotes and study Bibles

A caller insisted that baptism is found in the Old Testament

An email asked questions as to why LDS continue to use the KJV

A caller commented on Tyndale's translation and execution

Response to an email about documents upon which parts of the four Gospels were based

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