Rethinking the Old Testament

I discuss a number of points from my study of the Old Testament which have contributed to the formulation of my conclusions regarding what it means to me and my religious tradition.The Old Testament is not a book of history.

It is not a book of Science.

Genesis 30 - the speckled and spotted sheep and goats.

Extreme Views of the Old Testament

Joseph Smith explained that some of the Old Testament pertains to us, but much does not.

There has never been anything like universal consensus as to the list of books which belong in the Old Testament. It has never been settled and appears that it never will be.

Discussion with callers on what to believe regarding supernatural claims in the Old Testament and elsewhere [...]






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Mormon Doctrine: Mandatory and Forbidden

For various reasons many insist that there is much mandatory doctrine required of Mormons and much forbidden doctrine. Drawing from many sources and such enlightening examples as the Adam God theory and Polygamy, I demonstrate that, from its beginning, the LDS Church has had very little official doctrine and almost no mandatory or forbidden doctrine. Price: 2:50