Personal Statement:

Response to an ExMormon Critic

A long time listener sent me a scathing email which he has published on the internet on, a rabidly anti-Mormon board, where I am refused participation. He claimed that I am a "puppet" and apologist for the LDS Church. I responded to his false charge by reviewing the 27 year policy of my talk show with comments on the involvement of LDS leaders in its content. Also, I listed and commented on some of my personal views, including those where I diverge from the Mormon mainstream. This is my candid effort to explain where I believe I fit in Mormonism, specifically expressing my attitude toward the Church.

I read this email and also my written response. The author of the email called in and we discussed and disagreed on a number of his points. We discussed:

My insistence that I defend my views, not the Church Oath of vengeance Blood oaths Mountain Meadows massacre John D. Lee's denial that Brigham Young ordered the MMM Hoffman's forged letter of Jonathan Dunham

Other callers:

This caller read some of the posts then being added to the about this discussion with the author of the email.

Steve Benson and Ezra Taft Benson.

Resolving religious issues through physical confrontation.

Comment on the claim of religious leader, Warren Jeffs.

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