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Miscellaneous Topics/Open Forum
Oct 4th, 2007 by mormonmisc at 1:16 pm

Miscellaneous Topics/Open Forum 


Preliminary comments on a lead scroll, found in 2002 at Lee's Ferry on the Colorado river, which purports to be written by John D. Lee, to be discussed in the next episode. It attributes the ultimate order for the Mountain Meadows Massacre to Brigham Young.

The ultimate authority in the LDS Church rests with the body of the Church.

Deseret News editorial by Charles W. Penrose  30 November 1889.

President Joseph F. Smith's testimony in the Reed Smoot hearings.

B.H. Roberts on two types of disciples.

Callers and Email:

A warning that God's judgement is coming soon.

Comments on LDS views on the PBS two part documentary, "The Mormons."

Politics among Mormons in the 19th century.

Allegation that the LDS Church is all about collecting 10% from the members to make the leaders richer.

A non-Mormon woman responds to this rabid anti-Mormon caller.

Book of Abraham issue. Various views on the differences between Egyptologists interpretive translation and that of Joseph Smith.

Question about the existence, location and authority of an 1886 revelation to John Taylor.

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