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josephSmith_c0_0001401.jpgOne interested in Joseph Smith should be interested what he himself said about himself. I assemble 138 sources to discuss Joseph Smith’s self characterization as a prophet, yet, typically human, imperfect, fallible and in search of further light and knowledge, all of which he viewed as consistent with his claim to be a prophet. I include many of his admissions of human weakness; his acknowledgement that he could fall; examples of his denials of infallibility and omniscience; his policy that all revelation needs to be tested, including his own, because not all revelation is from God.

Program Notes are available for this episode. Included are all of the sources, quotations and references (138) with discussion of a number of incidents in Joseph Smith’s life related to this topic, some not covered in the Talk Show. Also included is a section gathering a number of passages which demonstrate the broad parameters allowed Biblical prophets.

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This is the 4 March 2007 episode of the Mormon Miscellaneous Worldwide Talk Show, now in its 27th year. To listen to future Talk Shows live, go to Sunday evenings 5:00 - 7:00 pm MST where your participation will be invited regardless of your point of view. Official Website:






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Mormon Doctrine: Mandatory and Forbidden

For various reasons many insist that there is much mandatory doctrine required of Mormons and much forbidden doctrine. Drawing from many sources and such enlightening examples as the Adam God theory and Polygamy, I demonstrate that, from its beginning, the LDS Church has had very little official doctrine and almost no mandatory or forbidden doctrine. Price: 2:50