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History with an LDS Historian
Sep 20th, 2007 by mormonmisc at 10:28 am

resources_MD.jpgHistory With an

LDS Historian

I was very pleased to have Ronald Barney as my guest. He is a professional historian who has been employed in the LDS Historical Department for the past 30 years. He has published widely on Mormon topics including an award winning book, The Mormon Vanguard Brigade of 1847: Norton Jacob's Record. He is also working on the extensive multi-volume work, the Joseph Smith Papers Project.

Topics of Discussion

Joseph Smith Papers Project - scope, problems and projected publication.

Udney Hay Jacobs - author of "The Peace Maker," an essay on marriage, including the idea that the Old Testament form of marriage, including plural marriage, should be reinstated. It was published at Nauvoo by the Times and Seasons press before he joined the LDS Church. This has been the subject of some controversy as to its author. It has been claimed that Joseph Smith authored this or collaborated in the content.

Norton Jacobs, son of Udney, joined the LDS Church. He kept a fine journal. Ron has edited this diary, adding much by way of footnotes. It is a very fine publication covering part of the Nauvoo period and the first company of Saints to travel to Salt Lake Valley in 1847.

Personal Writings of Joseph Smith - letters, diaries articles and the Liberty Jail letter.

From Callers and Email

Where was the Church organized, Fayette or Manchester?

What is the Kirtland Revelations Book?

The Joseph Smith translation of the Bible.

The DVD publication by the Church of over 400,000 pages of documents from its manuscript collection, including the entire Joseph Smith collection.

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