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79. Genesis of the Joseph Smith Papers Project
Mar 6th, 2009 by mormonmisc at 2:04 pm

79. Genesis of the Joseph Smith Papers Project

My guest was Ron Esplin, Managing Editor of the Joseph Smith Papers Project. 

We discussed the genesis of this project including the original record keeping, the scope of the surviving documents, efforts to publish early Joseph Smith documents leading to the current exhaustive project. 

Ron gave details of the involvement of a very prominent Salt Lake business man, Larry Miller, who just passed away. Miller owned a number car dealships, theaters, the Utah Jazz professional basketball team and a number of other enterprises. The story of his introduction to the project, his interest and involvement prove to be very interesting. 

In 2001 the LDS First Presidency decided that the entire collection of Joseph Smith Papers would be published in what will be about 30 volumes. Top professional historians and archivists are working on the project to produce a publication to meet the highest of professional standards. 

Callers raised questions about: 
  • Articles of Faith
  • new material
  • revelations and insights regarding Joseph Smith, the value and problems with reminiscences.



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