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Encounter with
Oct 31st, 2007 by mormonmisc at 9:54 am

An Encounter with

I discussed my rather extensive exchanges last month with participants on this popular anti-Mormon website. I made every effort to follow their rules which allow anonymity, do not allow defense of Mormonism and require posts to be respectful. I confined all of my comments to historical sources pertaining to the wording and intent of a sentence included in the endowment ceremony from 1845 to 1927.   I was denied anonymity and falsely accused of defending the LDS Church. The sources I provided on this point of history, which has nothing to do with basic Mormon claims, were completely ignored, and after being attacked with a steady barrage of insults and disrespect, my hands were tied (namely, I was refused access), and this mob proceeded with their assassination.My point, which I stated and re-stated many times, is that there is a substantial body of 19th century sources, Mormon and ex-Mormon, which say that the endowment included instruction for the participants to pray for God to avenge the blood of the prophets, and also a prayer to that effect.

Some ex-Mormons had published and testified that the endowment included an oath by participants for themselves, not God, to avenge the blood of Joseph and Hyrum. I insisted that to come to a reasonable conclusion on this matter, all source material should be gathered, sifted and assessed. My claim that such sources even exist resulted in a remarkable response. The degree of their aggressiveness, their hatred, their rage and fury I found startling and somewhat troubling. Many tragedies, in the past and the present, begin with their type of incendiary words and end in horrific mob action or hate crimes.My policy on my talk show dramatically differs. All are welcome to call or email with a point of view. All views are allowed, regardless of whether I agree or disagree. And,  Mormonism may be attacked, defended, or a question may be asked or some point discussed.Callers:



Should the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution allow Mormons to practice their religion; plagarisms in the Book of Mormon; Book of Mormon historicity.

Death, or blood oaths in the endowment ceremony in 1984?

An exmormon claimed that he made an oath of secrecy in 1980 in the temple in which he agreed for his life to be taken if he divulged any temple secrets. I disagreed. He brought up the question of Brigham Young's involvement in the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

This caller questioned me on my position, Do I represent the Church or myself?  

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