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Development of Mormon Thought on the Holy Ghost
Feb 27th, 2008 by mormonmisc at 11:43 am

Development of Mormon Thought

on the Holy Ghost

I trace the development of Mormon thought, from 1829 to the present, on the Holy Ghost. I pursue such questions as:

Is the Holy Ghost a personage?

What is the future of the Holy Ghost?

Was Joseph Smith the Holy Ghost?

Why did the current LDS view of the Holy Ghost take so long to develop?

Regarding the Holy Ghost, I discuss the Book of Mormon and other early sources, specifically Lecture Five in a series of lectures given in 1834, and Joseph Smith's teachings during the last four years of his life in Nauvoo.

Participants by Phone and Email

  1. I read and responded to an email which asserts that the Bible teaches there is one God expressed in three persons. I read several Biblical passages which draw a clear distinction between God and Jesus and others which refer to the existence of a number of gods.
  2. A caller addressed himself to this topic and we further discussed the question of the deity of Jesus as related to the New Testament.
  3. A caller contributed several views regarding the spirit of man and the workings of the Holy Ghost.
  4. Further discussion with a caller regarding the early LDS views (1830s) of the Father as a spirit in contrast to Joseph Smith's teaching in Nauvoo (1841-1844) that the Father has resurrected body of flesh and bones like that of Jesus.


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This is the 2 December 2007 episode of the Mormon Miscellaneous Worldwide Talk Show, now in its 28th year.

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