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Development of Joseph Smith’s Concept of God
Feb 17th, 2008 by mormonmisc at 6:38 pm

Development of Joseph Smith's

Concept of God

Joseph Smith acknowledged that his views were progressive - that is, his views of God differed on a number of points from 1829 to 1844. From a number of sources I have developed the following approximate timeline for the development of Joseph Smith's views of God.

  1. Jesus is God. 1829-1844
  2. Jesus pre-existed as the Son. 1829-1844
  3. In some way Jesus is the Son and also the Father. 1829-1833
  4. The Father, Son and Holy Ghost are one. 1829-1844
  5. The Father is a personage of spirit 1829-1835 or 1834-1835
  6. The Holy Ghost is not a personage, but rather the mind of the Father and the Son. 1834-1841
  7. The Holy Ghost is a personage of spirit awaiting the opportunity to take upon himself a body of flesh and bones. 1841-1844
  8. The Saints have the potential to become gods and goddesses. 1832-1844
  9. Our God and Father has a God and Father. 1841-1844
  10. The Father went through mortality and has a resurrected body of flesh and bones like that of Jesus. 1841-1844
  11. There is an Eternal God of all other Gods. 1838-1841
  12. There is one God above another with no end. 1841-1844
  13. There was a grand council of Gods to plan and create this world. 1839-1844

I discussed the four main points of the King Follett discourse of 7 April 1844.  

Participation by Phone and Email

  1. I respond to an email condemning Brigham Young and his view of Adam as God. Did he believe in a different God than the God of the Bible?
  2. Why are there two different trinities in LDS thought: Elohim, Jehovah and the Holy Ghost; and, Elohim, Jehovah and Michael?
  3. Comments on Brigham Young's position that there would be differences on God if saints ancient and modern where gathered together.
  4. Does not the Book of Mormon present the idea that God could cease to be God?
  5. A caller condemns me for not accepting his views about Brigham Young's teachings regarding Adam. I explain my preference for Joseph Smith's view over that of Brigham Young on this point.

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