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81. Big Love and the Temple Ceremony
Apr 5th, 2009 by mormonmisc at 5:31 pm

 81. Big Love and the Temple Ceremony 

Please be advised that this is a sensitive topic for LDS. Big Love is an HBO fictional series about a non-LDS group which subscribes to, and practices, their interpretation of Mormon polygamy of the 19th century. In the 15 March 2009 episode a false allegation is made about a commitment made, prior to 1990, by LDS participants in the LDS temple ceremony. 

I discuss this and several other false allegations about the temple ceremony found in a number of anti-Mormon books, pamphlets and articles. 

These topics include: 
  • blood oaths, an oath of vengeance, a lecture and human executions. 

Topics raised by callers: 

  • Alleged blood oath

    Creation accounts in Genesis

    Alleged lecture at the veil in the St George Temple  Episode

Talk Show host: Van Hale, LDS

Mormon Miscellaneous Worldwide Talk Show, 22 March 2009.
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