PictureKTKKsquare2.jpgWas Jesus Married?

LDS host: Van Hale.

Summary: I discuss the views of 19th century LDS leaders who argued from three main positions that Jesus was certainly married. I quote from a number of their sermons and writings. While it seems widely believed among Mormons that Jesus was married, there have been clear statements that it is not considered official LDS doctrine. I presented reasons for my personal doubts that Jesus was married. It seems that among Mormons, my view is in the minority. There were a number of participants by phone and email, prompting some interesting dialogue from several perspectives. All argued against my view.

This is the 4 June 2006 episode of the Mormon Miscellaneous Worldwide Talk Show, now in its 27th year where all points of view are invited.

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Program Notes: I prepared notes for this program which include all of the quotations I cited and a number of others along with notes, comments, arguments and references on this topic. These notes can be purchased for $2.50.

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  • Scc

    I am LDS and I have to agree with Van on this one. I think if Jesus was married that it would’ve been significant enough to early Christians to have made mention of it in their writings. I also agree that it’s possible for Jesus to have been an exception to this case. Although the new testament seems rather vague on marriage being a commandment and everlasting covenant as we find in the church today. But I could be wrong and if any new evidence is discovered that might show Jesus was married then I have no problem admitting my error.

    Mar 30, 2011 at 5:37 am





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