Lee Baker, an ex-Mormon, was my guest. We were having some difficulty discussing divergent views. These were included:

  • Lee contrasting D&C 132:39 (that is using only a portion of v. 39) with Jacob 2:24 (leaving out verse 23 & 30).
  • Lee claimed that D&C 132 was not printed until 1876. My point was that it was first published by the Deseret News in September 1852, by Orson Pratt in Washington, DC 1853 and that it was the topic hundreds of times from 1852 to 1876. He would not acknowledge this.
  • D&C 1835 ed. was a topic which would have been worthwhile. He has maintained that the Church is hiding this from LDS. I was attempting to claim that Deseret Book has been selling the D&C 1835 ed. from 2011, but my explanation did not materialize. A meaningful discussion on the article Marriage also did not materialize. I will pursue this another time.
  • Lee wanted to talk about the Joseph Smith Translation. This was a very good topic. He wanted to discuss Gen 17 about JS's change. I wanted to tie this in with Moroni 8, Acts 15, the writings of the Apostolic Fathers (95 AD - 150 AD) and the 1611 KJV translators spin on a number of OT passages. This would be a good topic.
  • We went around and around about a phrase in the Teachings of the Presidents: Joseph Smith manual in chapter 43 and JS, many times, declaring that he is fallible, committed sin etc. mentioned in the D&C and in the JS manual, which Lee denied. See chapter 46 in the manual.





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