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137. Extensive LDS Church Sources for Members
May 31st, 2015 by mormonmisc at 10:45 pm

The Ensign, Gospel Doctrine and other Weekly Sunday School Topics, Priesthood & Relief Society manuals are not by any means the only sources provided by the Church for the Saints, past and present:

  • Religious Studies Center at BYU in is 40th anniversary¬†
  • The project of Jeffrey Holland and BYU President Dallin Oakes¬†
  • Bold new venture publishing the works of BYU's religion faculty
  • 2014 more than 100 articles published in many journals and 14 books published
  • 3 upcoming symposia this year at BYU
  • Two periodicals BYU Religious Education Review and the Religious Educator

Discussion with two callers on the question, Is religious scripture history? 

Comments of Ethan Smith, author of View of the Hebrews 1823

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