David Bokovoy is the author of Authoring the Old Testament. He is a faithful Latter-day Saint with an extensive Hebrew and Biblical scholarly background. This book has been written specifically for an LDS audience introduced into many fields of biblical scholarship typically foreign to LDS. Some topics discussed:

  • Common Mormon and non-LDS Christian views about the OT
  • Are our beliefs and doctrines today the same as when our religion began several thousand years ago?
  • What are the sources for many portions of the OT?
  • Christian translators in the 1611 KJV introduced Christ into the OT by adding many notations in the many chapter summaries.
  • How do Mormon views about Elohim and Jehovah compare with what we find in the OT?
  • There are different views about the Joseph Smith Translation of the OT.
  • Joseph Smith's interest in Hebrew and the OT is very interesting.
  • Some thoughts on Book of Abraham, Book of Mormon, OT and history.





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Mormon Doctrine: Mandatory and Forbidden

For various reasons many insist that there is much mandatory doctrine required of Mormons and much forbidden doctrine. Drawing from many sources and such enlightening examples as the Adam God theory and Polygamy, I demonstrate that, from its beginning, the LDS Church has had very little official doctrine and almost no mandatory or forbidden doctrine. Price: 2:50