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118. Mormon Marriage
Dec 22nd, 2014 by mormonmisc at 12:25 am

118. Mormon Marriage

A story by Wilted_Flower was posted on the internet ( The author tells of her experience with several Mormon men which did not appear to result in marriage but with a non-Mormon man, their marriage was imminent. Her bishop discouraged this relationship. After a number years, at the age of 58, never married, she left the Church because it had robbed her of this one opportunity.   More than 200 comments were posted.

I invited a guest to talk about the Church's teaching and encouragement about marriage in contrast to the claims of Wilted_Flower and most of the comments.

Guest: Paul Brandt is a psychotherapist specializing in individual, couples and family therapy. He has maintained a private practice in the Salt Lake City area for twenty-­two years. 

These are phrases typical of those portraying the Church:
  • I just hate the church and what it does to peoples lives.... No more mormon men for me.
  • You were lied to, had your youth and your first love stolen from you... you missed your chance of happiness. 
  • This cult took everything from you.
  • I hate seeing another example of the Mormon faith crushing the happiness out of a girl's life.
  • Mormonism Enslaves women
  • ...indoctrinated and brainwashed

Some discussion:
  • There are many Church doctrines and teachings that seem contrary to the comments.
  • In regard to Wilted_Flower who made the decision?
  • Marriage is not for everyone
  • Mormonism is not for everyone
  • Many diverse views among LDS
  • There are many reasons for personal relationships not based upon indoctrination.
  • Paul discussed six stages of moral reasoning
  • A caller gave examples of mixed messages
  • Paul spoke of an LDS program - Strengthening Marriage - started about 6 years ago
  • A caller quoted from the Bishop's Handbook about regarding decisions on marriage or divorce

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