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112.Conversation with the author Karen Phippen Browne
Nov 22nd, 2014 by mormonmisc at 12:23 am

112.Conversation with the author Karen Phippen Browne: 

Help Thou Mine Unbelief: Scientific, Historical and Spiritual Evidence of God (published 2013)

Karen has spent many years as a journalist and editor and I assume this I have find her book very well-written. I include two paragraphs from her Preface:

Most people I have known and served with over the years never knew about these misgivings, because my whole background and persona reflected religious strength and testimony. I was born into an active LDS family, was faithful to my baptismal and temple covenants, served a full-time mission, married in the temple, and raised three wonderful children in the ways of the Lord. I served in many capacities within the wards and stakes where I resided and tried very hard to reach out to others to help them wherever I was needed. In other words, I was a typical Latter-day Saint woman.

But underneath it all, I was a Doubting Thomas. Despite my activity in the Church, there was always within me a steaming cauldron of doubt and insecurity about the very belief system to which I had dedicated my life. Most of the time, I could keep the pot on simmer because after all, I would tell myself, any religious belief a person professes is simply a matter of choice anyway. I chose to believe, just like everybody else. But still that persistent little voice of doubt would bubble up until, from time to time, the cauldron would boil over requiring yet another Herculean effort to get the lid back on.

We only touched some of the numerous topics she has pursued. Her book begins "Evidence of Divine Creation" and concludes with "Help for the Doubting Thomas." I highly recommend her approach providing many of her thoughts and pondering a wide range of LDS and non-LDS sources identified in the Index.

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