Mormon Miscellaneous Worldwide Talk Show

Episodes of Mormon Miscellaneous, a talk show on Mormon history, scripture, doctrine and many controversial topics, by LDS host, Van Hale, now in its 38th year. All points of view are welcomed.
  • A change in the recent Symposiums
  • Ordain Women
  • Denver Snuffer paper, "Was There An Original?"
  • Sandra Tanner paper, Plagiarism - Book of Mormon
  • Some thought languages and translation
Jul 24th, 2016 by mormonmisc at 9:04 pm
  • Decision to move to Great Salt Lake?
  • Diary accounts written at the time
  • Pondering questions on Mormon Westward movement - 1847
  • Council 28 July 1847
  • Problem 29 May 1847
Jul 17th, 2016 by mormonmisc at 9:20 pm
  • My statement of being a mainstream LDS believer¬†
  • Is God the Father found in both the OT and Jesus in the NT?
  • LDS Godhead 1828-2016
  • Mormon Creed?
  • Lectures on Faith 5
  • Ideas on the Holy Ghost
  • Contrast between the OT & the BM
  • Jehovah-Elohim-Jesus questions: Son of God, Father Son
  • Joseph Smith Translation contrast with KJV OT
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