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Dec 22nd, 2014 by mormonmisc at 12:25 am

118. Mormon Marriage

A story by Wilted_Flower was posted on the internet ( The author tells of her experience with several Mormon men which did not appear to result in marriage but with a non-Mormon man, their marriage was imminent. Her bishop discouraged this relationship. After a number years, at the age of 58, never married, she left the Church because it had robbed her of this one opportunity.   More than 200 comments were posted.

I invited a guest to talk about the Church's teaching and encouragement about marriage in contrast to the claims of Wilted_Flower and most of the comments.

Guest: Paul Brandt is a psychotherapist specializing in individual, couples and family therapy. He has maintained a private practice in the Salt Lake City area for twenty-­two years. 

These are phrases typical of those portraying the Church:
  • I just hate the church and what it does to peoples lives.... No more mormon men for me.
  • You were lied to, had your youth and your first love stolen from you... you missed your chance of happiness. 
  • This cult took everything from you.
  • I hate seeing another example of the Mormon faith crushing the happiness out of a girl's life.
  • Mormonism Enslaves women
  • ...indoctrinated and brainwashed

Some discussion:
  • There are many Church doctrines and teachings that seem contrary to the comments.
  • In regard to Wilted_Flower who made the decision?
  • Marriage is not for everyone
  • Mormonism is not for everyone
  • Many diverse views among LDS
  • There are many reasons for personal relationships not based upon indoctrination.
  • Paul discussed six stages of moral reasoning
  • A caller gave examples of mixed messages
  • Paul spoke of an LDS program - Strengthening Marriage - started about 6 years ago
  • A caller quoted from the Bishop's Handbook about regarding decisions on marriage or divorce
Dec 14th, 2014 by mormonmisc at 10:43 pm

117. LDS Handcart Project & Others

Don Ormsby, a long time participant on MM, joined me this evening to talk about his mission the past two years. We talked about his experience working at the LDS extensive project at Martin's Cove in Wyoming. 

Topics include:

A tragic LDS 1856 event
History of this current LDS project for members & non-Members
The Land
Missionaries maintaining the site
Handcart trek experiences past and present

Other projects: Dairies, Ranches, Canneries, Medical, Polynesian Center, Education

LDS Projects in Nauvoo - 1840s

Comments on the New Testament

Talk Show host: Van Hale, LDS

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Dec 7th, 2014 by mormonmisc at 11:11 pm

116. Looking Into Scripture #4

Revelation 14:4 - What was the author saying:

The first redeemed will be 144,000 men:
  • not defiled with women
  • no sexual relations
  • did not do sinful things with women
  • spiritual undefiled

  • virgins
  • as pure as virgins
  • kept themselves pure
  • celibates
  • they are chaste

Is celibacy superior to marriage?

Does the author's point contradict Jesus' teaching (Mat 19:4-6); Paul's (Eph 5:22-33) and the author's of Hebrews (13:4)?

Dec 7th, 2014 by mormonmisc at 10:37 pm

115. Looking Into Scripture #3

Reasons for different conclusions:

  • Psalm 8:5 - did the author mean that man is little less than angels. heavenly beings, gods, a god or God (Elohim)?
  • Ezekiel 18 - discussed in our Gospel Doctrine class, are children responsible for the sins of their parents?
  • John 1:1 - was the author's point that Jesus was God?: Different translator's conclusion; Joseph Smith's Translation
  • John 1:18 - Is the answer, according to the entire Bible, that any man has ever seen God? Joseph Smith's. JS Translation
  • Thinking about JS's early concepts does it appear that he believed that God and the Son (Jesus)  are numerically 1 or 2?
  • Looking into Rev. 1:6 what was JS's concept that Jesus' God has a father?

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