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The Romneys; Mormon Splinter Groups
Aug 20th, 2007 by mormonmisc at 10:04 am


The Romneys; Mormon Splinter Groups

My guest is Newell Bringhurst past president of the Mormon History Association, the John Whitmer Historical Association and author of many works on diverse areas of Mormon history.Bringhurst has written a paper comparing the Presidential campaigns of George Romney (1968) and his son Mitt Romney (2008).Mitt has considered some of the problems and mistakes of his father. MittRomney.jpgGeorge Romney was the front-runner for a time as the Republican candidate. 


Only Mormon issue he faced was LDS policy of denying priesthood to the Blacks.    

Citizenship issue was raised because he was born in Mexico.

His grandfather went to Mexico to avoid polygamy prosecution, but his parents were both American citizens.

Brainwashing statement


Lessons Mitt learned from his father's compaign   

Care in rhetoric  Name recognition

Listing of other Mormon Presidential candidates. 

Joseph Smith  Parley Christensen George Romney Morris Udall Bo Grits Eldridge Cleaver (before he converted to Mormonism) Orrin Hatch Ezra Taft Benson's interest in Vice President

Mormon Splinter Groups. Bringhurst is editing a book to be published in September 2007 on the Mormon splinter groups. There have been some 400 splinter groups which have broken off from the Mormon Church; some 60 groups are active currently. There have been many claims of revelation and priesthood succession outside of the LDS Church. A list of such would include: Sidney Rigdon, William Law, David Whitmer, Lyman Wight, Wycam Clark, Noah Rogers and a number of modern Mormon Fundamentalist groups  

Topics from Callers

Mormon persecution in Missouri - politics and gathering  Diversity among Fundamentalist Mormons Claims of priesthood outside of the Church Apostasy of the LDS Church by giving the Blacks the Priesthood Importance of consensus within the Church  


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