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Sunstone: Interview with Dan Wotherspoon
Aug 15th, 2007 by mormonmisc at 10:37 am


Sunstone: Interview with Dan Wotherspoon

My guest was Dan Wotherspoon, executive director and editor of Sunstone Magazine, with a doctorate in theology and philosopy of religion. We discussed the upcoming Sunstone Symposium, including some of the 95 sessions, the mission and future of Sunstone and a number of topics raised by callers.

Changes in Sunstone announced with John Dehlin as the new executive director, taking over fundraising and the website.

28th Salt Lake Symposium 8-11 August 2007 - Some sessions

Mountain Meadows Massacre and the Oath of Vengeance Mitt Romney papers and panel discussion Mormon splinter groups Grant McMurray former prophet/president of the Community of Christ Church (formerly the RLDS Church) Helen Whitney, producer of the PBS documentary "The Mormons" is presenting at a special session Sunstone Mission: Open Forum of Thought,  "Faith Seeking Understanding."

Sunstone finances.

Audio files of the 2007 Symposium will be available in mp3 format on within about 2 weeks after the Symposium.

Comments on the future impressive additions and development of the website.

Multiple sides of Mormon issues are welcomed at Sunstone.

Topics Raised by Callers:

Mitt Romney's candidacy What is Dialogue Journal Joseph Smith translation of the Bible King James Translations and other versions What is the Official Church position on Sunstone? What about those born into bad circumstances? The tribe of Judah Is there policy against BYU professors participating at Sunstone? Vision of the redemption of the dead D&C 138:50-51 on resurrection. A criticism that those at Sunstone prefer the past prophets and authorities over the current Prophet.

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