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My Sunstone Experience
Aug 21st, 2007 by mormonmisc at 10:30 pm

My Sunstone Experience

Sunstone2.jpgAt a session at the Sunstone Symposium three panelists discussed the need for a more aggressive approach to some of the more difficult Mormon topics. The idea they posed was that it would be better for Mormons to be introduced to controversial topics from within the Church rather than by Mormonism's critics.

I tell my experience of discussing the Trinity with a young Christian Evangelical, following my participation in a session on the doctrine of God in the Book of Mormon.

I comment on the paper I presented at Sunstone on the Mountain Meadows Massacre and the Oath of Vengeance and read an outrageous charge from the new book September Dawn, which is also a movie scheduled to be released the end of August.

Topics Raised by Callers and Email

John Krakauer's best selling book Evolution - several different views Can a divorced man become a bishop? Speculation on replacement of Pres. Hinckley's counsellor, Pres. Faust Succession claims following the death of Joseph Smith Will Bagley's response to my Sunstone paper on the Oath of Vengeance Are Church manuals going to be more scholarly? Adam God theory Joseph Smith's testimony

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