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Mormon History w/ Mormon History Association Pres.
May 15th, 2007 by mormonmisc at 10:20 am

BY.jpgMormon History with Mormon History Association President

My guests were Ron Esplin and Larry King. Ron is the current president of the Mormon History Association and also the Managing Editor of the Joseph Smith Papers Project. He is also an expert on the life of Brigham Young.Larry King is Managing Director of the MHA. The MHA holds a conference each year where some 100 participants, experts in various aspects of Mormon history, present the results of their research. Also, the MHA publishes the Journal of Mormon History, a collection of scholary papers.

The Joseph Smith Papers Project consists of about 60 researchers, scholars and volunteers who are working to publish some 30 volumes of the papers by, and related to, Joseph Smith. They are following the strictest of professional standards. The following are among the topics discussed.

1. The MHA and the upcoming conference May 24-27, 2007.    

2. Brigham Young, Sidney Rigdon and the succession crisis following the death of Joseph Smith.

3. Sidney Rigdon's problems.

4. Was Brigham Young a violent man? Did he order the Mountain Meadows Massacre?

5. Polygamy, the Book of Mormon and the Bible.

6. Polyandry

7. Book of Abraham.

8. Zion and the One Mighty and Strong.

9. Caution regarding reminiscences.


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