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LDS Views of God as the Father of Spirits
Apr 15th, 2007 by mormonmisc at 12:24 pm

LDS Views of God as the Father of Spirits 

 I discussed what many would find to be surprising: the view of Joseph Smith that our spirits are eternal/uncreated; that they did not begin to exist. I quoted the 8 sources which record his teachings on this point and read the passages from LDS scripture which teach that we become begotten sons and daughters of God through Jesus Christ, suggesting that we are not sons and daughters of God by a premortal spirit birth. Joseph Smith taught that God organized spirits in the preexistence and, as their head, as a caring Father, prepared an earth for the advancement of these spirits as God himself had advanced - by obtaining a physical body.

I further discussed the fact that several LDS, prior to Joseph Smith's death, speculated of a premortal spirit birth, and following his death the idea is found in a number of LDS publications in Nauvoo from 1844-1846. It has been widely taught and believed by Brigham Young and his successors. It is now one of the most widely believed concepts by the Saints.

I explained the views of B.H. Roberts in which he harmonized the views of Joseph Smith with the subsequent beliefs that our spirits began their existence through a premortal spirit birth.

I reviewed Joseph Smith's position that study and theorizing is essential to the maturing process for LDS and that our doctrinal speculations should not be the source of division; that eventually they will be corrected and clarified, but not completely until long after we leave this life.

A number of listeners responded with questions with some expressing their disagreement with my findings.

Program Notes: I have prepared extensive program notes which include all of Joseph Smith's known statements on the topic and a special treatment of his King Follett discourse with the 4 original reports and the two printed versions in six parallel columns for comparison. I discuss the three different LDS views on what part of our being is eternal and uncreated.If interested in the Program Notes go to:

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