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Diversity in the New Testament
Apr 6th, 2007 by mormonmisc at 8:47 am

Diversity in the New Testament

I began this talk show discussing the fact that the earliest Christians of which we have any record held divergent views on some important doctrinal topics. There was no creed declaring mandatory belief on such topics which have become major points in the later development of Christian tradition, such as:

Source the Gospel of Luke - God or early written sources

Doctrinal contrast between Mark, Luke and Matthew

Was Jesus baptized for the remission of his sins?

Contrast between God and Jesus - knowledge, goodness

Doctrinal constrast between these gospels and John.

The nature of Jesus - omniscience, pre-existence, deity

Question: Why does Luke devote 20 of the 28 chapters in Acts to Paul's ministry without ever once mentioning that he ever wrote letters?


Discussion with callers and email on the following topics

As usual, calls and email pursue a variety of different subjects as follows:

1. Why doesn't the Church give a full detailed financial report?

2. Response by a caller. Tithing is a matter of faith not finances.

3. Email critical of my taking calls from certain callers.

4. Caller insists that I am a liar with a satanic spirit because I have talked about differences between Joseph Smith and Brigham Young on some doctrinal points. The main topic of his call regards the eternity of the spirit or the intelligence of man.

5. Email: Deuteronomy 18:20 presents the Biblical standard for a prophet, why did Joseph Smith say that it was possible for a prophet to be mistaken about the source of a revelation; that is that it might not be from God.

6. This caller insisted that Joseph Smith and Brigham Young taught that to become a god one must first be the savior of a world and thus that God the Father was once a savior on another world.

7. Another caller continued the subject of spirits and intelligences.


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