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Bits and Pieces
Jun 27th, 2007 by mormonmisc at 12:22 pm

Bits and Pieces

I presented follow-up comments on several recent episodes:

Am I a Darwinist as frequently alleged by a caller, Art Bulla, who claims to be the Lord’s Anointed, the One Mighty and Strong?

A caller on 17 June made absurd allegations about the origin of the text of the Book of Abraham. I asked for his sources. He gave two. I reported on my findings after checking out his claimed sources.

I made a follow-up comment on two recent episodes covering Joseph Smith’s accounts of the First Vision.

I mentioned a very good brief summary article on Mountain Meadows Massacre by noted historian, Rick Turley, to appear in the Church’s September issue of the Ensign. The Church has pre-released this article and has posted it on its website, I highly recommend it.

I commented briefly on the alleged Oath of Vengeance. It has been claimed by several recent authors that a primary motive for the Mountain Meadows Massacre was to fulfill an oath taken by Mormons in the temple endowment ceremony to avenge the blood of Joseph and Hyrum through acts of murder. I did not present the material I had prepared for this episode, but have decided to dedicate a program in the next several weeks to this topic.

Callers frequently ask or comment on my views regarding the Book of Mormon historicity issue. I read a brief summary of my view.

Several callers participated. One, Art Bulla, called in making a false allegation about my procedure. As I tried to respond, he refused to allow it by interrupting and over-talking me with a name-calling attack and a challenge to a fist fight. I assume all this display is intended to demonstrate that he is the Lord’s Annointed - the One Mighty and Strong.   Talk Show host: Van Hale, LDSOfficial website:

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