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Approaches to the Old Testament
Jun 20th, 2007 by mormonmisc at 9:45 am

Scroll-lo.jpg Approaches to the

 Old Testament

My guest was Val D. Greenwood, author of How Often Would I Have Gathered You: Stories from the Old Testament and Related Sources for Latter-day Saints. Val re-tells 229 Old Testament stories placing them in chronological order. He includes notes and sources specifically directed to an LDS audience. His re-telling is to simplify and clarify. Any such approach inevitably includes the author's interpretation.

We discussed some of the differences in our two approachs to the Old Testament.

Are such stories as the creation, Job, Jonah and others to be taken literally?

Decisions must be made regarding theological positions which are contradictory within the Old Testament, or which are contradicted by the New Testament or by modern Mormon sources. We looked specifically at the cause of David's sin in 2 Samuel 24 in contrast to 1 Chronicles 21 and the wager between God and Satan over the degree of Job's faithfulness.

Why use the King James Version which is much more difficult to understand in contrast to modern English Bibles, several of which, among other points, focus on simplicity and clarity for modern readers?

Live callers and email were included in our discussion.

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