115. Looking Into Scripture #3

Reasons for different conclusions:

  • Psalm 8:5 - did the author mean that man is little less than angels. heavenly beings, gods, a god or God (Elohim)?
  • Ezekiel 18 - discussed in our Gospel Doctrine class, are children responsible for the sins of their parents?
  • John 1:1 - was the author's point that Jesus was God?: Different translator's conclusion; Joseph Smith's Translation
  • John 1:18 - Is the answer, according to the entire Bible, that any man has ever seen God? Joseph Smith's. JS Translation
  • Thinking about JS's early concepts does it appear that he believed that God and the Son (Jesus)  are numerically 1 or 2?
  • Looking into Rev. 1:6 what was JS's concept that Jesus' God has a father?






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